Apple iPad Users

Apple iPad users haveing trouble viewing this website.  This is a well documented issue on the web for many years.  The problem is that while the iPad is a tablet and not seen as a phone, but as a desktop, it has the iPhone interface and the iPhone Safari web browser.  The iPhone Safari browser will let you magnify but not reduce a website to make it fit on the screen.  The iPhone Safari browser will let you will let you switch from the Mobile to the Desktop version of a website, but does not give you the option to switch to or back to the Mobile version of a website. 

Try this fix from Apple (instead of fixing the Safari app for the iPad).  Go to the Settings > Safari > Advance > Website Data.  Edit from top right, Tap on red icon and Delete for the website that you want switch back in to mobile view.  

If that does not correct the issue, the Chrome, Edge and Firefox web browser apps will let you switch back and fourth between the Desktop and Mobile version of a website (take a hint Apple).  Of the three, Edge has the easiest method in my opinion.
RARE!! McLaren MFP-900 FP
Well I was going through the Estate 04 box of other pens and came across this little unused gem.

INFO : "MFP-900 Carbon Fibre Fountain pen- Pressure molded carbon-fibre cap, barrel, precision engineered titanium nib section with the McLaren trademark “O” ring grip, 18 carat gold bi-color nib, Medium nib. Retail $1250.00" (One sold on eBay last year for $1500! The reserve is lower.) 

So, I'm going to keep it here in the home page for now, and you can put a silent auction bid in on it using the form on the Estate 04 page, ITEM 04MC01, let's have some fun and let the bidding begin!!

Last offer: $600 on 02FEB2019


Sheaffer 1996 Limited Edition Holly Pen.  The Hand Painted cap decoration was inspired by artist Coles Phillips' original illustration in Sheaffer's 1920 advertising.  

Listed here at $125.
I got a text message from Musette Lax who attended a previous meeting.
​I asked her if it was ok to share this.
'Several weeks ago already I talked to Mike (Krut) and we agreed to meet at the Farmington Hills Library. I thought he looked familiar when he walked in. He looked through all of my Dad's pens and was very helpful and thorough.  We were done with all the pens when I decided to pull out the receipts of past work on the pens that my dad had had kept.  Mike look at the receipts and said OMG your dad was Dr. Martin Charles! He goes, your dad was Marty?   It turns out that Mike knew my dad very well. Mike is an Attorney that my father did work for many many years. That's how I knew him as well I used to work for my dad and Mike hooked my dad up with the pen repair person on the receipts. Long story short it was a pleasure to see him and meet with him. We actually met with him a second time because I found more pens. He has just been more than helpful and kind and giving of his time as were you as well.'